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About Hunar

Hunar was born in 2014, after having understood that the skilled people from the minority community were being exploited because they fell outside the Academic & Entrepreneur hierarchy, we decided to work towards addressing the issues of intermediatories and discrimination.

    Currently, Hunar works in Jodhpur & Udaipur for the upliftment of various sects like Rangrez, Carpenters, Sculpturists, Craftsmen, Artists etc. Most of the work is focussed in unreachble interior areas in Jodhpur where skilled people are not able to interact with the outer world. Along with their collaborative efforts & quality improvement sessions, Hunar is striving to provide career guidance and opportunities for such people to get a justified price for their labour & hard work. We aim to bring every talent with the opportunities & sustain right to equality of such deserving skill facing crises unfortunately.

    Our Parallel Initiatives: